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Mission Statement

Refugee Connection provides an innovative and resourceful solution to the world’s refugee crises by connecting people in need to available housing across the globe.

Across the world, we see horrific natural disasters catalyzed by a burgeoning climate crisis, authoritarian regimes validated by irrational prejudice, and catastrophic wars that unjustly affect innocent people. Refugees are individuals that not only need aid, but deserve aid. They are fleeing problems completely out of their control, and to deny them entry into a better situation is completely unjustified. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of refugees, an easy path toward integration is not provided, with many still struggling to find shelter and feed themselves even after leaving their original circumstances. This website allows people to offer direct aid to refugees on a wide scale so they can have a place to call home.

This website is not a permanent solution to the global refugee crisis. If humanity is serious about putting these crises to bed, then change has to come from a systemic level, meaning international collaboration to address climate change, accountability for nations and military-industrial complexes upholding proxy warfare, and, most importantly, a proper reinvestment into the underdeveloped world. These solutions would not only be humane, but the amount of progress modern civilization could make with the newfound population of intellectuals, scientists, artists, engineers, etc. would be gargantuan. There are so many talents around the world, tucked away by insurmountable poverty and suppressed by pointless war. When we think of refugees, we need to understand that they are not just people looking for better lives, they are people searching for opportunities to show their innate ability and contribute to our global society.

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