Refugee Connection was created by high school students Shawn Jahangiri, Brock Purnell, and Andrew Sada.


This website does not guarantee placement in any country and in no way offers an alternative to a country’s immigration policies. It is an entirely volunteer-based organization dedicated to aiding refugees in their integration. We do not solicit monetary funds or reimbursement.

Refugee Connection is not responsible for your safety. When using this website, it is critical to be as cautious and aware as possible. That means to NEVER share you or your family’s:

  • Full legal names
  • Government ID/passports
  • Important passwords
  • Banking information
  • Exact location/home address

It is important to video call with potential hosts. If anything seems suspicious about a particular listing, you can report it. If a host asks you for anything in return for your stay or refuses to provide information/pictures of their residence, then you should immediately cease contact with that host and report them.

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